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metaspeshul • graphics and resources

by isleofyew

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resources & graphics
I appreciate credit for anything that is taken from here, it helps spread the word and keep this journal growing. Please feel free to join/watch the community, the more people around, the more I am encouraged to post more, more often. :)

I post a lot of adult content in various mediums. I'm a huge fan of queer as folk, so obviously there's a lot of homosexual subject matter floating around my journal. I trust you all who have friended me are mature enough to handle it and I request you all be of legal age. I'm not going to go running around making sure, so it's up to your descretion as a reader to decide if you're old and mature enough. :)

Tele Queer as Folk, Degrassi, The L Word, Skins, Miami/LA Ink, South of Nowhere

Music The Rocket Summer, Missy Higgins, Evermore, The Last Goodnight, Sigur Rós, Our Lady Peace, The Fray, Hawksley Workman, Stabilo, Tegan and Sara, View From Everest, Blue October, Avril Lavigne, indie, progressive, pop & techno

Movies Across The Universe, Particles Of Truth, SiCKO, Chuck & Larry, The Number 23, The 40yr Old Virgin, The Wedding Singer, A Walk To Remember, Disturbia, Dumb & Dumber, Monsters Inc., Eternal Sunshine, & Shortbus

Books Burned, Crank, Glass, Impulse, A Child Called It, & The Perks of Being a Wallflower

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Layout code thanks to ReversesCollide & Overrides thanks to Minty_Peach (edited by myself)